How to Start Mobile Phone Accessories Business in Nigeria!

Mobile phones have become a part of our lives as Nigerian, with everyone now shopping for phones on Konga or jumia and using high end phones, it is only normal for you to want to get mobile phone accessories.

Mobile phone accessories business in Nigeria is here to stay and no matter where you look at it from, you will need all sorts of accessories for your phone – be it batteries, Battery, mobile phone repair parts, battery Charger, Memory Cards, Ear Piece and phone Jacket casing or even repairs part.

Presently in Nigeria, there are over 70million mobile phone users and this people will need accessories for their gadgets, so you see how big this market is.

You can also add the sale of second-hand or London used phones to your stock as they are easier to get too and they sell very fast.

How to Start Mobile Phone Accessories Business in Nigeria

Before you start your mobile phone accessories business, you have to ensure that you meet some of its demands which included but not limited to

To start the sales of mobile phone accessories in Nigeria below are the requirement.


There is no fixed capital requirement you will need to start the mobile phone accessories business in Nigeria, but is is better that you start on a fairly large scale with an amount like N100,000.

With that amount, you can purchase accessories in bulk for iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Infinix, Gionee, Tecno mobile phone accessories in any part of Nigeria.


Every business must have a location that is accessible and space that can contain all your goods. It could be a vacant piece of land close to a place with a ready market like schools, bus stop.

All you need to do is to require the expertise of a carpenter to put up a small structure for you and you are good to go. This is where you will put your goods on display for intending customers to see and patronize you.


For this business to worth your time, you need to get the contact or location of a steady supplier, they are very common at Ikeja computer Village, just get the location of a store or you can order them from Aliexpress, Konga or jumia.

You can either import them from China too or you buy from importers in the country. You can get my manual on mini-importation business in Nigeria here

How to make money from mobile phone accessories business in Nigeria

The major secret here is to make more sales after buying for cheap from your vendors. You can get more customers by:


You have to promote your business very well if you want to break into new markets and reach more customer. You can run local advertising or take the digital marketing approach and run Facebook and google advertisement.

Promotion is good as it makes your business more popular and more visible to potential customers, thus increasing your entire net worth.


You can register as a vendor on jumia or konga and other online stores and marketplace to reach more people. Most prople spend all their time online now, so it is important you go online and meet them too.


The selling of mobile phones and mobile phone accessories in Nigeria is a very lucrative business that a lot of people are yet to take advantage off, so I wonder what you are waiting for now my friend. Why not start your own mobile phone accessories selling business in Nigeria today?

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