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Mini Importation Websites, Sites & Portals

There are many secret mini importation websites where you can start shopping from when you start your mini importation business, as part of my effort to make things very easy for you, I will be listing the trusted and verified ones.

There are so many mini importation websites for you to begin your mini importation business. As part of my effort to make things very easy for. I will be posting the trusted and verified ones.

There are a lot of things you need to consider before your first import but one of the major factors should be the mini importation websites | secret importation sites you will be using.

Cheap | Secret Mini Importation Websites & Portals

I made this list based on my mini importation experience and that of my friends, so be at easy and fire you way up to wealth.

This sites are one of the best places to get the mini importation products that you can buy cheaply and sell for huge profits in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya etc.

The mini importation websites | secret importation sites listed above are just recommendations from me and are not in any way representing an official list from an official body.

Do you know of other mini importation websites | Online shops & Portals | secret importation sites that are cheap for Nigerians? You can share with others through the comment box.

  1. Dominic Joshua says

    Thank you very much for this timely question are thus :
    How do I know an item that has no shipping fee?
    How do I negotiate the price of an item with the seller? Or how do I talk with the seller?
    How do I know that a particular item is of good quality?. All of this question are related to
    Thank you

  2. Lawrence Adebayo says

    A good complete article on mini importation business.


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