Full Mini Importation Business Guide | Ebook [PDF]

Are you looking to Download the full Mini Importation Guide ebook PDF and start a mini importation business in Nigeria?
Do you intent to advance on your knowledge on mini importation business in Nigeria?

Mini Importation Guide PDF Content

  • The complete list of sites (up to 10 sites) where you can order for even cheaper items and in bulk with a very considerable discount.
  • Secret pattern to ordering items from the sites listed above without risk of loss and been scammed.
  • How to make payment securely and very cheaply with up to 50% discount on every goods you order. YES, I do it every time!
  • Tracking of your items and getting them delivered to your doorstep from your mobile phone.
  • What to Import That Will Make you good profit (Plus Hot in Demand Products in Nigeria and the world now).
  • A Simple Little Secret On How to Ship Your Items to Nigeria, Paying Lesser shipping fees and Get them Faster within 5 10 days, depending on which you prefer.
  • How to Avoid Custom Duties When Importing large Items or bulk goods to Nigeria.
  • How to Promote, Advertise and Market Your Products Online and Offline without any Hassles, and the secret to making enormous sales daily.
  • Asian trading Company (my biggest secret), where I shop expensive goods for less and cheap.
  • How You Can Make Payments To This Merchant Store In Naira.
  • How to Brand Your Products with Your/Company’s Name, and you can even start a customized importation of any goods of your choice.
  • How To Own Your Own Local Online Store like jumia, kaymu and konga And Make Plenty of Cash by selling online.

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