How to Borrow Credit from MTN and Pay Back Later Easily!

How to use MTN borrow credit shortcode service that allows customers on the mobile network to borrow airtime when in urgent need of airtime is called MTN Xtratime. Details of how this system works are explained below.

ode to borrow credit from MTN?

The code to borrow credit from MTN Nigeria is *606# from the line in which you’re need of it. Thereafter, you’ll get the option to Request for XtraTime or check xtratime eligibility.

The options you’ll be provided with should look like these:

  • Eligibility Status
  • Request for XtraTime
  • Check XtraTime Balance
  • XtraTime Transaction History
  • About XtraTime
  • Exit

At first you may not be allowed to borrow a huge sum of money with your line. It’s just like owing physical store owners. They need to be sure you’ll be willing to pay back when the time comes for you to pay. With time your extra-time eligibility will increase, provided you become a regular customer.

Another factor that determines how much you’ll be allowed to borrow is how old your line is and the frequency of your previous recharges. The higher they are, the higher the amount you’ll be qualified to borrow.

Code for borrowing data from MTN 

The code for borrowing data from MTN is the same *606#. However, when you’re provided with options this time, select request XtraTime and then XtraData.

Your ExtraByte eligibility is also dependent on all of the factors I listed above regarding XtraTime.

How to check XtraTime or ExtraByte balance?

The process required to check XtraTime balance is to again dial *606# and then select check XtraTime balance; both XtraTime and ExtraByte balance can be checked using that method.

 How to pay back borrowed credit on MTN?

To pay back the amount you owe all you need to do is recharge the exact amount on your line. MTN will automatically deduct whatever you’re owning. You can also choose to pay back bit by bit; however, it is advisable to pay back everything you owe very early so that you’ll be eligible for bigger sums next time around.

How to pay back borrowed data on MTN

To pay back borrowed data you need to recharge the exact amount or bigger than the amount you’re owing. Some people are of the opinion that you need to pay back borrowed data by subscribing to a data plan; that is, however, incorrect.

Things to note while borrowing credit or data from MTN in Nigeria:

  • Both MTN XtraTime and XtraByte attracts a fee of 15% from whatever value in Naira you borrowed
  • You cannot borrow data and airtime at the same time
  • The longer you spend without paying, the lower the chances of you borrowing big next time
  • You can only borrow if your account balance is actually low
  • Borrowed credit cannot be shared
  • Calls can be made to any network with XtraTime balance at the same call rate of your tariff plans.
  • You can stream videos, make downloads and/or do whatever you want with your XtraByte balance.

That’s all about borrowing credit or data from MTN


MTN XtraTime allows eligible customers on their network to access airtime on credit when their account balance is too low for them to ordinarily continue with an on-going call. The airtime received on credit via the Xtratime platform can be used for all chargeable activities on their network.

  • MTN Borrow Credit Shortcode – *606#

When a customer who is eligible for Xtratime credit makes a request using the borrow me credit code, loaded in a special XtraTimeaccount. Customers can also check their Special XtraTime account balance by dialing the code *606#.

  • Who can use MTN XtraTime code *606#?

The MTN XtraTime service is currently available only to active prepaid MTN Nigeria customers. Prepaid subscribers on the network can borrow airtime when their account balance is low.

Other eligibility criteria for this service include:

  • SIM must be prepaid
  • SIM must be registered
  • The customer’s main account balance must be between N0 and N12
  • The customer’s average monthly spend will also be considered
  • The customer must have paid up any previous Time associated charges.

How to access MTN XtraTime With The MTN Borrow Credit ShortCode

Customers can access the MTN XtraTime platform by dialing *606#. The service Menu will then be displayed on your phone screen:

Customers will then be able to check eligibility status, request for Airtime (XtraTime), request for Data (XtraByte) and also learn more by selecting “Next”.

Airtime that is advanced with MTN XtraTime can be used for all chargeable activities on the network. Once the credit is exhausted, the customer will not be able to perform any other chargeable activities until the borrowed amount is paid for.

  • MTN XtraTime Service charge

The service attracts a service charge of 15% of the airtime borrowed. For example, if an N100 XtraTimecredit is requested for, a service fee of N15 is first deducted, and the remaining N85 is then credited to the customer’s special XtraTime account.

  • Paying back MTN Borrowed Credit

Customers can make use of the usual balance inquiry command (*556#) to check the outstanding XtraTime amount owed. This command will bring about a negative value showing the outstanding amount. This owed amount will be recovered the next time the customer makes a recharge. In cases where the recharged amount is less than the outstanding XtraTime amount, then subsequent recharges will be used to recover whatever outstanding balance remains.

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