GLO Oga Sim | How To Migrate to GLO Oga Sim with Code

Globacom launches the king of all products in the telecommunication industry; look no further, this new product offers you more value in Glo data and whats more, it comes at really cheap rates too. The Glo Oga SIM is a must have as it links subscribers with their passion for browsing or surfing the web.

Glo Nigeria is among the best mobile internet data providers in Nigeria. And they have introduced a new bonus offer called Glo Oga Sim!

The Glo Oga SIM is Double Data bonus offer and thankfully, it gives you 125% bonus data. When you subscribe to any normal Glo data bundle plan, the Glo Oga Sim gives you double data bonus.

One of the best reason to get the bonus offer is that, every one is eligible for the offer. Including 3G or 4G subscribers, hence, you really don’t need to purchase new SIM to be eligible.

How does the Glo Oga SIM works?

The Glo Oga SIM gives you extra 125% on any data you subscribe for. Lets say, you subscribe for 7.2GB, you will be given extra 7.2GB Oga Sim data bonus making it 14.4GB.

The plan will last for 4months. And it is compatible with all devices, laptops, modems etc. Glo Oga SIM customers get 125% bonus for 4months, while all other customers get 25% bonus data.

Another instance is subscribe to the 1.6GB or 2GB data plan, and you will receive 3.5GB or 4GB bonus respectively. This might bring Glo back as the grand masters of data plan.

How to activate the Glo Oga SIM

Ensure it is a 4G LTE enabled SIM, and then renew your current data plan before it expires. And you can also upgrade your 3G SIM to 4G LTE enabled SIM. When you auto renew a new plan, this will give you the extra bonus data plan. And also, note that the plans from N200 and above are sharable.

Can I gift this Glo Oga SIM data?

Of course, you can but note that everything solely depends on giftee (the data receiver). This is how it goes, if the giftee is a new customer (or new/returning data customer), he / she will get 125% but otherwise (existing or old customer), he/she gets 25% bonus.

Can I subscribe to Glo Oga SIM?

Any customer who buys a new Glo SIM will benefit from the promo. and purchasing data from a old SIM also works and customers whose last data plan expired more than 90 days ago will also benefit.

And here is how to subscribe for the data bonus, you will subscribe first, and check the date, before the current subscription expires, subscribe and you’ll get the Glo Oga SIM bonus.

What is Glo Oga SIM?

Globacom has raised the bar yet again in customer satisfaction as it unveils a new data product that offers data subscribers a whopping 125% bonus on data bundle subscription.

One interesting thing about this product is that the value derived from the Oga SIM can either be shared or gifted, so the Glo Oga SIM users can share the love.

To spice things up, this benefit is received by default which means it’s automatically activated once you get your Glo SIM. If you buy recharge cards and data plans without getting anything in return, you are throwing money away.

The Glo Oga SIM was formally unveiled to the media by top executives of the company at its Mike Adenuga Tower, Victoria Island, Lagos. According to Globacom’s Regional Chief Marketing officer, Ashok Israni, Oga SIM offers the best value to new Glo data subscribers who have utilized Glo data services in the last three months.

He also said that the Oga SIM gives the best offer at the market place at this point in time in the country and that no offer comes close. This consolidates Globacom’s position as the company that gives unbeatable value to all categories of its customers.

He said Globacom has invested millions of dollars into expanding and upgrading the network thereby boosting its capacity and giving its subscribers excellent network experience.

Globacom is the only operator with wholly-owned submarine cables, Glo-1, linking Europe and America to West Africa, which is meant to deliver a much faster and robust connectivity for voice, data and video to telecom consumers in West Africa.

With Glo Oga SIM, any new Globacom subscriber who buys any data plan automatically gets 125% bonus. The chief marketing officer said the subscriber need not do anything other than simply buy a data subscription of his or her choice. He therefore urged telecommunications subscribers in the country to join the Glo family to enable them enjoy this unmatched offer.

Who did it first? That is a question for another day but other telecom networks in Nigeria have a new or inactive customer incentive like Airtel smartCONNECT – Double Data or 8X recharge bonus on new Airtel SIM, 9mobile new smartphone offer or MTN welcome back offer with 2000% bonus.

How do i subscribe to Glo Oga SIM?

Subscribers can simply dial *777# in order to see the available data bundles and choose one according to their budget.

Benefits of the Glo Oga SIM to new and old subscribers

Benefits for new Glo subscribers;

As a new subscriber to Globacom Nigeria, you are entitled to the following;

  • When you buy N500 worth of Glo data subscription, you will automatically get 1.8GB of data.
  • If you buy N1,000 worth data bundle, you get a 3.6GB data
  • N2000 will fetch the Glo subscriber 8.2GB
  • If the Globacom subscriber purchases data worth N2,500, he/she gets an amazing 12.9GB.

Benefits for old or returning Glo subscribers;

As a current user of Globacom Nigeria, you are not left out on these amazing offers on Glo Oga SIM.

  • When you buy N500 worth of data subscription, you get 800MB.
  • At the cost of N1,000 data subscription, you will get 1.6GB
  • Buy N2,000 worth data, and you as a Glo subscriber gets 3.6GB data
  • N2,500 data subscription will fetch you 5.7GB data bundle

This data offer is really amazing and very cheaper it is far better than MTN data subscription which offers 1GB data bundle for N1000, 2.5GB for N2000.

*MTN also offers MTN special packages for it’s subscribers too.

Quick FAQ for Globacom subscribers regarding Glo Oga SIM.

How is it different from the current SIM?

Any new Glo SIM bought today is automatically Glo Oga SIM. Oga SIM is a promo that offers new customers 125% data bonus on all plans.

What is special about the Glo Oga SIM?

All data plans you buy on Glo Oga SIM gets a 125% data bonus as against the 25%.

Also, as you auto renew to a new plan you will get the extra bonus for the plan you bought.

Are these new Glo plans available to all customers?

  • Any customer who buys a new Glo SIM will benefit from the promo
  • Existing customers who have never used data will also benefit when they buy data for the first time
  • Customers whose data plan expired more than 90 days ago will also benefit.

Can these plans be shared?

Yes, plans from N200 and above are sharable.

Will these plan work on modems, routers and mobile routers?

Yes, it works on any compatible device.

Can I stack data plans? Subscribe multiple times.

Yes, fire away. These plans will work like HIS plan and share all the HIS features.

And yes, it is auto- renewable if you buy another data plan before expiry of the existing data plan.

Will I get 125% bonus if I am using a 4G SIM on a 3G device?

Yes, the promo is targeted at all new customers irrespective of the SIM type (LTE or 3G) and irrespective of the device.

What is the cost of Glo Oga SIM?

It COST the same price as the regular Glo SIM.

How long will the promo last?

The promo is available for qualifying customers for 4 months.

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