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Corner kick betting prediction is one of the best and lucrative markets in online sports betting. Corner kicks happen when a defensive move gets the ball over the line where the opposition goal post is situated. This is one way to make money online.

Picking the best corner kick betting pick in a match is really important and this post will show oyu how to bet very well on football corner kicks.

A typical football match has different sections and activities and one of them is the corner kick, as a business minded bettor, it is important that you know how lucrative this market is and how to get the best out of it.

Like is stated earlier, Corner kicks mostly occur when the defending goal keeper or defenders keep the ball off the post but over the line during an attacking onslaught.

The betting odds for corner kick betting predictions are always changing, especially on the live betting section, according to algorithms based on the number of current corner kicks and the time remaining, so there are events where the punter may have a considerable advantage.

A soccer or football match typically lasts for 90minutes and it is divided into two halves of 45minutes, and really a lot can happen in this time frame.

There are leagues that tends to have great corner kicks and some teams are good at getting corners, this is applicable to teams with very sound and sharp attackers.

There are various forms of corner kick prediction and betting and this article is just going to show you the basics, you can build upon it

Best corner kick betting prediction Tip site for today: How to bet on corner kicks!

Corner kick betting predictions is really an attractive option and a lot of punters from around the world are already banking hard, and a lot of bookies are also offering this option to their bettors.

As a special bet it’s a relative new market, so there is a lack of multi-year statistics available to anyone, including bookmakers.

There are also various aspects that if utilized correctly can give every punter an edge when punting.

The bookmakers tend to forget to analyze some facts, mainly because their experience with the number of corner kicks is limited and most punters don’t bother thinking too much before placing a wager.

Corner kick Betting predictions: Soccer Corner betting strategy

Knowing your corner kick betting strategy will turn you into a corner kick betting specialist, from knowing most corners in a football match to total corners results.

There are a lot of soccer corner kick betting and predictions market or options that you can bet on and we have listed them all below for you to peruse:

Total number of corners (Over / under corner kick betting predictions)

This is simply the addition of the total numbers of corners awarded to both teams.

It is one of the easiest type of bet as you can guess the total number of corners awarded for both teams during and even before regular time.

The bookies usually give you options to choose from but most matches’ average at least 11 corners.

This is the most straightforward corner kick bet. There’s a limit (usually 10 kicks) set by the bookie and your bet concerns whether the match will have more or less than this number.

You might find this bet as a 3-way (with an exact number of corners matching as a draw) or an Asian Handicap bet (Over/Under 9.5 corner kicks, Over/Under 10.5 corner kicks).

Corner handicap betting prediction

Offers you the possibility to bet on which team you think will have the most corners taking the small handicap set by the bookies into account.

The team with a “-” in front of the handicap will be set as the clear favorite and will have to be awarded more corners than the original deficit in order for you to win the bet.

If a significant difference of kicks is expected, you could find this bet having a handicap.

The team with the minus handicap has to overcome it to win the bet.

Team with most corner kick betting prediction

This market to me is the easiest in corner kick prediction. You just have to choose a team with you believe will get the highest number of corner kick.

You’re simply betting on which team will be awarded with the most corners.

You just have to bet on the team you think will have the most corners during the match and the bookmakers offer you three types of outcome: Home Team, Away Team or Tie.

Most times, always select an attack minded teams, they are always the clear favorites.

X-Corner kick betting prediction:

This market is mostly used in fixed odds or spread betting markets.

The bookmaker calculates the totals by simply multiplying the number of corners won by the home team with the ones won by the away team.

For example, in English Premier League corner kick prediction, if CHELSEA plays against WATFORD and has 6 corners and WATFORD has 5, the total on the market would be 6 x 5 = 30 corners.

First/Last match corner kick betting prediction:

Provided you know the statistics, you could bet on which team might be awarded the first or the last corner kick of the match.

There might be occasions and matches in which corners are executed in literally the last seconds of the extra time and after the kick the whistle is blown and no one will ever know what the outcome of that kick might have been.

You try to guess which team will be awarded the first corner, and/or the last corner in a match. There is really no neutral corner kick prediction.

It may take more luck than brains, but it can also be very exciting in live betting, especially if a team is desperate to score either at the beginning of the match or in the dying moments.

Odd/Even corner kick betting prediction:

Just as the name suggests, it’s to predict whether the number of corners during a match will be an odd or an even one; the corners awarded for both teams count towards the end result.

Half Time Corner Betting:

The same as above, but settled at Half Time. The lower total of 5 corner kicks is the usual the marker.

Corner Range betting:

Different odds are offered for an exact range of corners. Usually there are four or five sets of ranges, but the exact numbers depend on the teams and league. A typical bet of this kind offers odds for 0-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13+ corner kicks during the entire match.

Half with most corners:

You bet on which half will have the most corner kicks. Usually the second half has lower odds. This bet might not only cover the total number of corners, but also each team’s kicks.

Race to X corner Betting:

This type of bet has recently become increasingly popular recently. You pick a team and you bet that they will first reach an exact number of corners (usually an odd one, three, five or seven).

Time of first corner Betting:

This seems like a lottery too, but it’s sometimes worthy to bet on, especially if you bet on a match with a clear favorite, trying to score early in the match. There are specific time limits, usually 10th or 20th minute.

The logic behind Soccer corner kick betting prediction

The bet on corners is a rather popular market especially for live betting, or when a live stream match gathers a rather large interest.

You receive a really good return of your investment and should you start betting small amounts of your bankroll on corners you could soon end up being one of the professionals and then share your knowledge with others.

Picking the right corner kick betting strategy

The basic strategy of betting on corner kicks is simple, keep in mind though that there are plenty of parameters you should consider.

  • Usually any team who is considered favorite and find themselves losing by one goal will desperately try to equalize. This likely scenario favors a high probability of overcoming the corner kicks limit set by the bookie.
  • Usually teams win more corners when they lose against similar opponents in strength.
  • Teams considered as heavy favorites to win a match earn more corners when they’re losing than when they’re winning.
  • If favorites spend most of the time attacking but fail to score, they gain a large number of corners. Additionally, corners have a higher chance of being successfully defended by the concession of another corner.

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