How to Check 9mobile Data Balance with USSD Code or SMS

Most people do not know how to check 9Mobile account balance on phone yet as they have not gotten used to the name change from Etisalat to 9Mobile. For those with multiple SIM cards with different networks, it gets harder sometimes to remember the simplest of codes even like the one for checking airtime balance or credit balance.

With the number of networks today in Nigeria, and the fact most customers carry multiple SIM cards, it’s quite easy to forget how to check your 9mobile data balance or any network for that matter.
Telecom network provider Etisalat was recently rebranded to 9mobile. This change only affected the brand’s name as 9mobile still retained the USSD codes that worked before the change. However, many subscribers still do not know how to check data balance on the network.

There are different ways of checking data balance on 9mobile. You can check data balance on your android phones and other device either through SMS, online or via USSD. I will give authentic information on how to check your data balance on 9mobile.

The USSD method is been used by most network providers and has proved effect. The 9mobile USSD short code is reliable and easy to use. The code works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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The SMS method of checking data balance is also reliable and easy to use. However, you might experience a delay in receiving the message.

The 9mobile USSD code can be used by both new and existing 9mobile customers with active data subscription. Below are the methods for checking data balance on 9mobile.

How to check 9mobile data balance via USSD Code

This method works on all devices that supports access to the internet, the short code is very reliable and easy to use.

  • To check your 9mobile data balance simply dial *228#.

Once done, your data balance as well as the expiry date of your data subscription will be displayed on your phones screen.

How to check 9mobile data balance via SMS

This method is also easy to use and works on all devices that supports access to the internet

  • To check 9mobile data balance via SMS simply dial send INFO to 228.

After sending, you will then receive an SMS showing you your data balance and expiry date.

The above Information is for checking data balance on 9mobile. The short codes can not be used to check data bonus on 9mobile tariff plan.

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Apart from the name and logo change from Etisalat to 9Mobile there has not been any other radical change as 9Mobile still retains all the plan and activation short codes that worked when the company was still Etisalat. Checking 9Mobile credit balance on phone is as easy as it gets, see guide below.

How to Check 9Mobile Account Balance via USSD Code

This is the best, fastest and the most efficient way to check 9Mobile airtime balance on phone.

  • Dial *232# on your phone and send.
  • Your account balance/airtime credit is displayed on your phone immediately within seconds.
  • An SMS of the account balance would also be sent to you.
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