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COVIRADE is a globally recognized trade and business firm of African origin. We are the foremost International trade (Importation and exportation) training and consulting company in Nigeria with interest in helping Nigerians grow or start up a business and a wide knowledge of Agriculture and the business therein.

We pride ourselves with shoulders high in the following fields, where we have become experts with time and we are trusted both in Nigeria and abroad!

  • Importation Business
  • Exportation Business
  • Startup business ideas
  • Agriculture and agribusiness start up etc

We are the company to talk to when a foreign company is seeking for export markets, trading partners and corresponding banks in Nigeria and West Africa.

We are also the only qualified firm (both in experience and qualifications) to talk to when exporters in Nigeria are seeking to solve the problem of purchasers, products, and paperwork in export business.

We are the Leading Import and Export Business Company in Nigeria!

Ready to get started now with importation and exportation business?

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